2020 Update

 Wayman Mitchell died but the tails of abuse of spiritual leadership and misleading the gospel continues, so we have decided to allow access to this blog once more.  A good friend of ours made a very comprehensive list of some of the more severe issues that affect the PH and we have decided to post it here as we feel all can benefit from this: The Potter's House  Christian Fellowship Ministries  A Cult? Being a long time member of The Potter's House, I wouldn't call it a full blown cult as the strictness of control varies from church to church, but there are a few traits that run though the churches as a rule that are unhealthy and affect even the best version of The Potter's House. An example of some of the issues: ​ The leader is the ultimate authority. If you’re not allowed to criticise your leader, even if the criticism is true, you’re probably in an unhealthy church. These type of leaders convince members to forfeit their critical thinking ability in return for a s

Thanks for your interest.

Thanks for your interest. We have decided to retire this blog and no longer update it. We still recommend to not attend any Potter's House Church  as they are misleading Gods word.  Some resources about this can be found here:   There also is a support community available for Ex Members on  Facebook: and If you would like a copy of the documents and emails sent from  Neil McCann and Greg Mitchel plus other content,  then email us at God Bless The NZ Gate Team

An Open Letter

Attachments 25 th February 2019 Neil McCann Auckland NZ TO ALL CONCERNED. Since it is becoming very obvious that the Potters House is going to continue trying to disrupt and destroy our church here in Auckland through their continual undermining of myself and my wife, their unrelenting harassment and bombarding of our people via emails, text and calls, and that they are now viewing us (their fellow believers) as the enemy. Please consider the following; 1/ Daniel Stephan and Daniel Anderson I find it sadly amusing that for years now these two men have both constantly cried on my shoulder about the culture of fear, the horrid mistreatment, and the spiritual abuse that they have both received at the hands of their Pastor Daryl Elliott, who they have both nicknamed ‘the king’. I also find it amusing that only two days previous to my announcement to disassociate they took me for breakfast and thanked me for being such a great leader, telling me they both owed m

About This Blog

Hi and thank you for viewing this blog, We recommend all readers to challenge their pastor (If in the potter's house christian fellowship) of the bullying tactics of Tom Payne and unbiblical teachings of Wayman Mitchell. We also recommend you find a new church that preaches the word of God faithly and does add to the bible. God be with you in your journey. NZGate

Latest Email | Re. Disassociation

Date: Wed, 6 Feb 2019 at 1:05 AM Subject: Fwd: Disassociation FYI, I have become aware that many people, Pastors and people in congregations, are receiving emails from Tom Payne and Greg Mitchell without including my original emails. (my emails by the way were addressed to only to those directly involved) It seems that the accusation of writing letters "for public consumption" should actually be applied to Greg Mitchell and Tom Payne. Anyway, since it has all been made "public" I will respond just to bring some clarification and another side of the story. Attached are my original emails seeking a meeting and reconciliation, as well as a couple of other relevant letters. I also want to point out the following about Greg Mitchell and Tom Paynes emails. - lets be clear. I initiated the meeting, and I had every intention of attending until it became obvious it was no longer about healing and reconciliation. - Greg Mitchell's email arguing over inter

Tom Paynes letter to Neil McCann

Neil, I am saddened by your letter of Disassociation from the Fellowship and feel a need to respond: 1) The Sept 4, 2017 letter you wrote to me and copied to Greg Mitchell, was indeed addressed and responded to by me. A. I tried to call you right away, and finally emailed you the same day. I told you to feel free to discuss the matter with Pr Mitchell in Footscray, as you were going to be there with him for the Conference two days later. While at lunch with Pastor Mitchell in Footscray, you did bring up one of the issues in the letter and he answered you. B. My notes and phone records show that I had a 30 minute conversation with you on Sept 7, 2017 (3 days after your letter). I went over each point with you, and further answered and explained the issues. I thought the matter was resolved. C. Four weeks later I was in Auckland with you for 3 days. You never brought this up again, but for good measure I asked to have coffee with you at the hotel lobby before I went to the air

Email from Neil McCann | Subject: Disassociation

From: Neil McCann <maccanumber9@...> Date: Sun, Feb 3, 2019 at 11:35 PM Subject: Disassociation To: <mitchell@...>, Greg Mitchell <gsm@...>, Tom Payne <tpaynenm@...>, Rob Walsh <robwalsh59@...>, Peter Field <field.peter01@...>, Nigel Brown <nigeljdbrown@...>, <delliot7@...> Cc: Harold Warner <pstwarner3@...>, JOE CAMPBELL <campbellcfc@...> 03 Feb 2019 Auckland NZ To all concerned. In light of the following. ​ Greg Mitchell and Tom Payne did not even give me the courtesy of a reply to my letter, Monday, Sep 4, 2017, addressing the issue of my character and my testimony of 32 years of ministry being brought into question. Both men have preached for me since the letter was sent and both men did not even bring up the letter. (Attached) I asked for a meeting to clear up the above matter, as well as concerns about the bullying, intimidating and divisive behaviour of Tom Payne. With that request I stipulated that I wa